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            Winter design theme


            The 'Winter' video background theme applies to the landing page of a dating site built with PG Dating Pro. The theme is responsive - optimized for view on devices smaller than desktop. On a smaller screen the video is replaced with a screenshot which acts as a static placeholder image for when HTML5 is not supported.

            You are free to use your own video instead of the default one. To do that, convert your video into three formats: video.mp4, video.webm, video.ogv and upload them into directory landing/inc/video/ on your server. You should also replace the placeholder image: firstFrame.jpg.

            This is how you can convert your video with ffmpeg:

            ffmpeg -i video.avi -b:v 1300k -vcodec libx264 video.mp4
            ffmpeg -i video.avi -b:v 1100k -vcodec libvpx -an -f webm  video.webm
            ffmpeg -i video.avi -b:v 3500k -vcodec libtheora -an video.ogv
            ffmpeg -i video.avi -ss 00:10 -vframes 1 -r 1 -f image2 firstFrame.jpg

            A video background theme will undoubtedly add the 'wow' factor to your dating website.

            *Please note that you cannot resell this video due to the copyright restrictions.

            Software License
            VersionElfin (2015.5)