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          Gentelella design theme


          This reponsive design theme for the administration panel of your dating site is based on 'Gentelella' bootstrap template. It allows you to operate your site from desktop as well as from a tablet.

          The Gentelella theme has been released with Dating Pro Honey, version 2016.8, although it can also be applied to Dating Pro Genie.

          This is the instruction on how to apply Gentelella to your Genie administration panel:

          Go to Modules installation > Enable updates (/admin/install/updates) and update the 'themes' module. Then go to Languages section and update all active languages.

          Return to the admin panel > Interface > Themes > Installed themes > Admin panel themes > and make Gentelella active.

          If you own Dating Pro version Honey and above, Gentelella will be your admin panel design theme by default.

          We will appreciate your comments and improvement ideas.

          Software License
          VersionGenie (2015.7) and above