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Video Streaming service

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We are starting a new crowdfunding project called Video Streaming Website.

Video streaming website is an excellent way to start your online business. Thousands of people want to earn money in the comfort of their home or share their thoughts and ideas with others. And you will be able to give them the opportunity to do it.

The structure of website is simple:

  • Registration
  • Profile page
  • Search
  • Video streaming page with chat

Anyone can register on the website and start live streaming. Other users can watch this live performance and show their support and encouragement with donations (coins).

It is possible to communicate with the performer without onlookers. To do that, one just needs to invite him or her into a private room.

All donations can be transferred into real money. The performers need to contact the service administrator and request withdrawal. Website owner can earn commission from each withdrawal.

Upon your request we can create a live TV streaming:

or a live music streaming website:


You can have any monetization options added to the site.

Contact us for more details or leave your comments in the Discussion section of this page.

Ordinary license

You receive a single copy of the software product that can be used on one server with one database and an unlimited number of domain names.

You may use the open code of the software product for personal purposes only: for making modifications in the software product or adding necessary functions. Selling, licensing, giving away or otherwise distributing the open code of the software product in full or its scripts (parts) is prohibited.

Commercial license

You receive the open code of the software product and can use it for personal as well as for commercial purposes. You can sell or otherwise distribute the source code and the software product under your own brand. We keep the right to sell the product in our marketplace under our brand.

Exclusive license

You receive exclusive rights to the license. It means that we will develop the software product according to your requirements, including both features and design specifications. These options, features and design, will never be repeated for other customers in the same way.

You can use this software product for any purposes under your own brand.

Hire us

Do you have a project with worth doing business model? We are in business since 2006 and have successfully completed over 8000 projects for our customers. Now we are ready for partnership. We can undertake development, marketing, sales or the whole project. Contact us to discuss the details.