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Mobile App for iOS 2016 zeta


Your best opportunity to create your own social network??.

Start your own social network today with SocialiseApp as it gives you the power to create a unique and distinctive social network package to take its place at the heart of the social network community.??

SocialiseApp meets the need for real time data access. This application enables sharing, browsing and socializing while on the move. ??

This app has a pleasing and friendly interface that is user-based, interactive and community-driven. The app strikes a perfect balance between content and design. Buy the app and give wings to your ideas, hopes and dreams of having a dynamic presence on the social network.??

If you need re-skin, custom work or AppStore/GooglePlay submission we will do all work for you, so you can just relax!
  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Everything is Perfectly Organized for you
  • Online Documentation and Support Forum?
  • Tons of Features and Easy to Use and Customize
  • Dedicated Team for Support & Customization





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SocialiseApp uses Titanium Appcelerator SDK, version TiSDK 3.3.0.G.A. Alloy MVC Framework is used to manage the code and to improve the app performance. The backend is built using PHP, in the download package you will find PHP WebService API which is used by the app for getting and placing the data into a MySQL database. You can test the WebService API via the browser, to start testing on your server visit

SocialiseApp allows you to create a social network app like Facebook or Twitter. End users can join using e-mail or by connecting with Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Once a new account is created, users can start to share photos and videos with other users, and create pages, customize profile, write private message, comments on posts shared by other users such as like, share and more. SocialiseApp has two different modes: only friends community or global community. Only friends community means that you can only see the posts of your friends, otherwise you can see all the posts, shared by anyone. In both modes, the app allows users to setup the privacy for each shared post. There are 4 different privacy levels: Public (all world), Community (only members), Only Friends and Only Me.

Features list

Sign In & Sing Up

Users can sign in using their account, or create a new one using Facebook, Google, Twitter or with e-mail.

Browse & Share Instantly

Users can share instant status, browse photos, videos, pages and friends while on the move.

News Feed

Users can catch up with the latest news feed activities in their community.

Private Messages

Users can speedily and swiftly send and receive messages over their own social network.

Users Profile

Each user has his or her own profile, with cover and pic, with activities that he/she can share in the community, basic info, tab for photos and videos.


Users can create pages or groups and others can join. You can use groups also as multi-profile, pets, pages for vip, cars, etc. Each group have own profile with wall, video and photo section.

Video and Photos

Users can share videos from youtube or upload videos, and share photos.

Push Notifications

Users can receive push notifications on device for new message, friend request and other site notifications.

Advertisments using AdMob

Monetize your app immediately with Google AdMob.

Comments System

Users can comment on shared content like posts, photos and videos.

Likes System

Users can like content shared by others.

Share to twitter, facebook, google and via e-mail

Users can easily share on twitter, facebook, google or via e-mail content posted by others.

Invite Friends

Users can invite friends from device contacts.


There are 3 ready to use languages (English, Italian and German), and you can add your own. Automatic detection of language used by user device.

Multiple Theme Options

Easily change colour of app, there are 3 ready to use, in different colours (green, blue and gray). You can easy add a new theme by editing well organised PSD files.

Android and iPhone

The app covers both Android and iPhone device.

Support and Customisation

Receive support via forum or via email. A dedicated team can help you customise the app adding new features or extend existing.


  • A Web Server that can run PHP WebService API with a MySQL database
  • ?If Social login is available then provide the details for? ?
  • Google - client Id and Client secret?
  • ?Twitter - consumer Key and Consumer secret?
  • ?Facebook - app id and app Secret??
  • Google AdMob credentials if you want show advertisements
  • ?Knowledgment in Titanium Appcelerator SDK, version TiSDK 3.3.0.G.A
  • ?Knowledgment in PHP and MySQL database
  • ?Knowledgment in Alloy MVC Framework
  • ?Knowledgment in Photoshop if you want to customise a new UI color scheme?
  • GooglePlay account which costs a one time fee of 25$?
  • Apple Developer account which costs 99$/year
  • ?A licence for module com.mywebrank.photoview (purchase link)
  • ?A licence for module tjatse.pullrefresh (purchase link) ??

 Available documentation which guide you to setup a new app.

If you have any questions about the requirements and technologies used, you can ask us before purchase via the comment area.

iOS8 Ready

You can easy re-skin the app alone if you know the technologies used, check the documentation where you can find more info on how to build a new app. However if you need reskin, custom work or App Store submission we do all work for you, so you can just relax!

Optimized for iOS 8!

Software License
License Lifetime license
Moneyback 7 days moneyback for license
Your branding Your branding
Professional support e-mail / chat / helpdesk / phone
Installation Free