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          Job Site Pro Developer


          Job Site Pro is an easy to use online recruitment software. It's clean and simple in the front-end, robust and effective in the back-end.

          Developer version will let you develop additional functionality, create applications, modify design and introduce other specific changes, either with our team or independently. You will own your site code 100% and will be able to replace the standard copyrights with your brand and logo.

          The web based recruitment software gives an opportunity to provide information in detail and a variety of ways: tree field type with multi-select option for job categories and location; unlimited number of entries for the experience and education; video resumes (including videos from YouTube) and resumes as an attachment.


          Software License
          LicenseLifetime license
          Moneyback7 days moneyback for license
          Your brandingYour branding
          Professional support1 month
          Access to source codeOpen code
          UpdatesFree code updates within 1 year