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          Special activity notifications add-on


          The Special activity notifications apply to the mobile version of your dating site and therefore to the hybrid mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms. Please contact us if you want more details on hybrid vs native apps.

          This is what the list of special activities includes:

          -    Virtual gifts: covers the notification about incoming virtual gifts, the Accept/Decline functionality, and the list of virtual gifts of a user.
          -    Winks: covers the notification about new winks and the list of the people who sent you winks.
          -    My guests: covers the notification about new guests and the page with guests.
          -    Friendship requests: covers the notification about incoming friendship requests, and the Accept/Decline functionality.

          The list can be expanded to include more features, please let us know.

          Software License
          VersionKilig (2017.11) and above
          ReadinessRequires extra setup