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          Secret gifts add-on


          The Secret gifts add-on will bring the excitement of a game of luck to your dating website.

          This is how it works:

          Site users send each other virtual gifts anonymously, and the recipient will have a limited time to guess the sender. If the guess is right, both receive a bonus to their account. The trick is to guess the sender as fast as possible because every second the bonus grows smaller.

          Only a limited number of gifts is free per day, as well as the number of tries at guesses. You can earn by letting the site members pay for each subsequent guess, and by selling gift packs.

          This is what it will look like for the sender:

          And for the person who should do the guessing:

          Contact us if you know how to make this add-on better:, or come to the live chat.



          • 100% open code
          • FREE installation and support
          • Moneyback


          • Delivery within 1 business day
          • Installation service is provided for free to all customers who purchased a license
          • Installation of a ready module/add-on is free of charge

          Software License
          VersionIgnis (2016.9) and above
          LicenseLifetime license
          Moneyback7 days moneyback for license
          Professional supporte-mail / chat / phone
          Access to source codeOpen code