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          Video chat by PilotGroup.NET add-on


          Video chat is one of Dating Pro’s most popular feature requests. We have released the one-on-one video chat add-on that can serve as a basis for future modifications and improvements.

          It works in two modes: the one that enables users to send chat requests and accept them immediately, and the one that requires appointment of date and time, via a date scheduler.

          Site administrator of the dating site has the choice of activating the pay-per-second billing, or making the video chat a free-of-charge service. The person who initiates the chat will be paying, not the one who accepts the invitation.

          Apart from the script files, the cost of the add-on includes replacing the default background image and colours to the image and colours of your choice.

          You can have any extra features added to the chat as custom work, and what is more, you will be working with the team that brought this chat to life. If you are interested, contact our Customization team (expert[at] to request more details. You are also welcome to post your own ideas and questions in the reviews section on this page.

          Please note that the Video chat is based on the WebRTC technology and is therefore supported in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Plugins for Internet Explorer and Safari on Mac are available here and here.

          The installation of SSL certificate is required for the proper work of the Video chat.

          Software License
          Professional supporte-mail / chat / helpdesk / phone
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