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          Captcha module




          System requirements

          no special system requirements

          It’s a complete module for Pilot Group products. It helps to set up and easily change the default website captcha on your own. Its modularity means that any changes you apply in the module will not require additional changes in other sections of your website.
          Currently module includes 1 default website captcha and 2 additional, each having a setting for changing design:
          - Default captcha. The opportunity of changing its width, height and fonts is added for it.
          - Google recaptcha. Anti-spam Google service. It has 4 available themes and the opportunity of choosing its language.
          - Fully customized captcha. This kind of captcha allows setting up its design on your own as it includes settings for changing its size, background, colors, fonts, a set of symbols used as a security code and many other useful settings.

          Software License