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            Banners add-on


            Banners is one of the SocialBiz modules that will let you post images or HTML code onto your site pages and check views and clicks statistics. You can let site members post banners too and make it a paid service. Every user's banner will be forwarded to administration panel for approval.

            You as site administrator also have control over prices, groups of pages where banners will be displayed, banner position on pages - top, bottom, etc., sizes, and rotation settings.



            • 100% open code
            • FREE Installation & Support
            • Moneyback



            • Delivery within 1 business day;
            • Installation service is provided for free to all customers who purchased a license;
            • Installation of a ready module/add-on is free of charge.

            Software License
            VersionAll versions are supported.
            Access to source codeOpen code