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          Telegram/Slack Bot service

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          We would like to offer you the opportunity to stay ahead of the game and introduce bots to the users of your service.
          What are bots?
          A bot is an account operated by software. It can perform many tasks depending on its specialization. There can be news, weather, currency bots, bots that operate your smart home, and many others.
          Thanks to the Telegram/Slack Bot Platform, third-party developers can create bots and integrate them with other services like dating websites or real estate websites.
          Why Telegram/Slack Messenger?
          Telegram Messenger is one of the most accomplished and technologically advanced messaging apps. It is gaining popularity among users from around the world.
          The app owes its success to its stable work in the cloud, as well as the variety of features such as encryption and security, open API, and more.
          Why do I need Telegram/Slack Bots?
          Using bots is a great step forward as it lets you attract users to your product. 
          A user can switch it on and off, which solves the problem of spam and blacklists. A bot does not have a phone number, it uses a nickname instead. Not only are you able to communicate with bots by texting, but also to give it commands by using program functions and buttons.
          What is the integration about?
          Telegram bot is compatible with the software products by Pilot Group.
          This is a short list of available options: 
          1. A person will receive a notification when there is a new message on the site.
          2. A person will receive a notification when their ads/profile/photo gallery is viewed by other users.
          3. A person will be able to find a date by answering questions about their ideal match (PG Dating Pro).
          4. A person will be able to find a perfect house or apartment for sale/rent (PG Real Estate).
          5. A person will receive a notification when someone requests their friendship (PG Social Biz).
          6. A person will receive a notification when someone sends them a gift. 
          7. A listing owner will receive a notification when someone wants to rent their property (PG Real Estate).
          This is, however, only a small part of what the bots are capable of. We can expand the functionality, just let us know.
          If you are interested in developing a bot for your website, be it a product by Pilot Group or not, click "Want a similar project" button, describe your idea, and we will get back with an estimate.

          Ordinary license

          You receive a single copy of the software product that can be used on one server with one database and an unlimited number of domain names.

          You may use the open code of the software product for personal purposes only: for making modifications in the software product or adding necessary functions. Selling, licensing, giving away or otherwise distributing the open code of the software product in full or its scripts (parts) is prohibited.

          Hire us

          Do you have a project with worth doing business model? We are in business since 2006 and have successfully completed over 8000 projects for our customers. Now we are ready for partnership. We can undertake development, marketing, sales or the whole project. Contact us to discuss the details.