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 clone service

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          $2,000.00 pledged of $6,000.00 goal



          The idea behind this website is a dating and community service for travelers.

          This is where people who travel but have no one to do it with can find a travel companion, and people who want to travel but cannot really afford it offer to become someone else's travel companion.

          With this site, you will be able to help people find a friend or a romantic partner for their (life's) journey.

          The service is for those who:

          - want to find a companion while traveling

          - are looking for friends while traveling abroad

          - want to find hosts to help them around in an unfamiliar new place

          - are willing to play hosts to foreigners and help them discover and better understand their homeland

          This is how it works

          A person creates a simple profile where s/he indicates their current location and dream destinations, and whether s/he is willing to travel or to be a host.

          Then they search people based on certain criteria, such as spoken language, age range, height, and even hair and eye colour. There is an option to only browse the members who've been verified.

          The service requires profile verification. A person can verify their profile by taking a recent photo of themselves or by sending an ID scan. This measure guarantees that the site members are real and actually look like their profile photos.

          This is the 'Create a trip' page:

          Possible use cases

          - Someone wants to go on a holiday and does not want to be alone. Being single, they create an account on your dating site, post an ad and state the country of destination, supposed length of the trip, and associated costs. They may be willing to cover all the costs themselves as well.
          - A person plans a car ride and wants to find people to keep him or her company as well as share the costs with. They post an ad and indicate that they are looking for up to 4 people to travel from A to B, expenses to be shared.

          Support this crowdfunding campaign. Let people find travel companions and have a great vacation time whenever they feel like it!


          Please note that a copy of the website version is implied here. Responsive design will make it possible to use the site on mobile devices. For additional price, mobile applications can be developed.

          If the project isn't successfully funded, your pledge will be returned within 5 business days.

          Ordinary license

          You receive a single copy of the software product that can be used on one server with one database and an unlimited number of domain names.

          You may use the open code of the software product for personal purposes only: for making modifications in the software product or adding necessary functions. Selling, licensing, giving away or otherwise distributing the open code of the software product in full or its scripts (parts) is prohibited.

          Commercial license

          You receive the open code of the software product and can use it for personal as well as for commercial purposes. You can sell or otherwise distribute the source code and the software product under your own brand. We keep the right to sell the product in our marketplace under our brand.

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