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          Premium technical support Service

          $199.00 / mo

          Premium technical support is provided by PG technical support team. You can communicate with your personal manager by phone, e-mail, live chat and in the ticket system. You will not have to worry about anything!

          Billed monthly. The more months you pay for, the more discount you get. Сontact us in live chat for more details. 

          The pre-paid service includes the items from Support & installation as well as from the list below:

          - consultations on functionality in Skype;
          - applying color schemes;
          - editing profile fields and search forms with built-in editors;
          - posting pictures, videos, banners, text content to the website;
          - managing integrated solutions by third-parties;
          - solving hosting-related issues;
          - overall site management using the built-in functionality;

          Сreative efforts from designer and/or developer are not a part of this service.

          ***Creative work by designer and web-developer, such as creating new banners, implementing unique ready templates, changing code and database, is considered customization and is quoted extra. Please contact or contact us in live chat.