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            Advanced marketing package service

            $900.00 / mo

            With the Advanced marketing package we will do the following:

            • Install Google Analytics and Yandex metrics counters.
            • Create, edit and analyze goals in Google Analytics and Yandex metrics.
            • Create a semantic core of your web site. The semantic core a list of words, characterizing the type of activity and the goods and services offered, and at the same time meeting the demands of the target audience.
            • Add site title, description and meta tags.
            • Create text for your main page and About us pages.
            • Create lead generation form.
            • Create and set follow up emails and a newsletter for your leads.
            • Provide you with the webmaster services.
            • Create multiple landing pages for more personalized offers.
            • Run ads on Google and Google's network of partner websites.
            • Create remarketing lists and ads for returning visitors.
            • Create and manage your site's page in social networks.
            • Manage targeted ads in social networks.
            • Create and manage your Google Adwords account.

            Software License