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          Web analytics Service

          From $100.00 / mo

          Want to track customers as they come to your website and browse through the pages? Web analytics services will help you keep yourself informed on all the actions before and after your site visitors sign up on the site. Use this knowledge to provide better service and learn how to attract more visitors.

          Web analytics is an all-around useful tool that will help you improve and promote your website. Some, but not all, of the options include:
          1. Improving your website according to tendencies in user behaviour 
          2. Evaluating the efficiency of the marketing campaigns you've been running
          3. Exposing pinch points in your site’s structure, navigation and content
          To have a better understanding of what your site members are doing on your website, you need to add HTML code of the selected analytics instrument to your site pages. We can help you with the integration, be it log analysers, rating meters, or pattern matching tools.



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