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            Site promotion in search engines Service

            From $300.00 / mo

            Site promotion is a set of measures that help attract target visitors to your website. These visitors are the ones who will be buying your products and services.

            Basically, site promotion is the promotion strategy brought to life. Once your website is optimized, it needs to be brought to the top of search results. After you get high ranks, you need to support your position, and it means continuous daily work.

            How long can it take to get my site into the top rankings?

            It depends upon how popular your chosen search queries are, as well as upon the number of competitors in the area. The more competitors you have, the longer it takes.

            On average, it takes 2-3 months to bring a site to the top ranks on the chosen keywords. You will be able to see the first results 2 weeks after the promotion work commences though.

            How much does it cost?

            The cost of the promotion service depends upon following factors:

            - Your target audience and target region;

            - Keywords and search queries;

            - Competition.

            Number of queries per month in your target region

            The more people that are searching using a certain keyword, the more visitors you can attract to the site and turn into potential customers.


            The more competitors you have in your search query, the harder and more expensive it will be to promote your site with these keywords.

            The number of keywords

            It will cost less if you promote just one keyword, and the price will increase if you promote several keywords. The more keywords you choose to promote your site, the larger the exposure.

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