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          SEO audit Service


          An SEO audit is a detailed analysis of the site, its pages, structure, content, and a number of technical parameters for compliance with the requirements of search engines.

          Since search engine requirements often coincide with the requirements and limitations imposed by site users, an SEO audit shall also include usability analysis.

          An SEO audit usually takes about a week. The time frame may increase for complex sites, though, and break down into a series of steps.

          Upon completion, you will have a report on the following:

          Part 1. Issues and drawbacks of your site: structure, pages, layout, usability

          We will analyze issues and drawbacks of the current site version and give you guidelines.

          The purpose is to fix all existing drawbacks, and improve the site for both search engines and site visitors.

          Part 2. Search engine optimization guidelines

          For this part of the SEO audit, we will advise on how to improve code of site pages for search engines, optimizing page structure and interlinking.

          The purpose is to optimize the site for search engine requirements.

          Part 3. Technical audit

          Recommendations on important technical parameters: server settings, controlling search engine indexing with robots.txt file, handling typical server errors.

          Part 4. Guidelines for improving site efficiency

          This part of SEO audit will reveal the ways to improve the quality of your site as a business tool. We will also examine the quality of customer support that you provide over the phone, by email, or by any other means available on the site.

          The purpose is to find opportunities to sell more products (services) on your site.

          Part 5. Guidelines for writing site texts

          Guidelines for writing site texts will be based on search demand analysis for your website.

          The purpose is to increase the amount of informational content on the site, to attract new visitors and customers to the site.


          The service price starts from $300. The final price will depend on the complexity of the site.

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