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            Evans Brouette is a founder of

            The majority of site members are fond of hip-hop culture and especially music.

            The founder wanted to create a place where Afro-American people interested in this life style could get acquainted and communicate. And he came with this idea in our company to find a solution that could help him.

            Dating Pro software met his requirements and we started our cooperation.

            It was several years ago when the majority of site users had been using a desktop version and it was more than enough.

            But with the course of time mobile devices have started dominating the desktop and of course site owners had to support this innovation and wanted that their services worked perfectly when using them across mobile devices.

            Dating Pro offered a mobile version along with the desktop by default but it kept the limited functionality. And Evans requested the modification of the mobile site version by transferring features from the desktop version and also developing exclusive features.

            Here are some of them:

            1.     Optimization of video uploads 


            including generation of GIF-previews for video materials



            2. Uploading audio materials



            3. Comments (including LIKES of comments), ratings, sharing for video and picture galleries



            Additionally, our team implemented design changes on the site.

            Dating Pro standard design is primarily focused on matrimonial relationship with its soft and pastel color schemes. And it can hardly agree with the underground hip hop culture. It may be brutal enough and it means that the color scheme and the design in general should correspond to it.

            The site design in its present state fully conveys the idea of the hip hop culture and this life style.