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          Video interviews add-on

          by PilotGroup.NET This project will be funded on 30/09/2017

          1 backer(s)

          $350.00 pledged of $12,000.00 goal

          7 day(s) to go


          We launch this crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a dating app where single people will record videos of themselves. Similarly to job interviews, singles will be able to present themselves to their future partner with video profiles. The service owner will be able to edit the recordings to make them more appealing.

          What this all is about

          The service owner or administrator virtually conducts interviews, by asking appropriate questions and showing them in the app interface to prompt users to answer them in front of their web camera or phone camera. You may wish to run this service as mobile only and leave the web interface exclusively for the moderators team.

          An upper limit is applied to the file duration, for every single person will have all their answers combined into one video. The team of administrators/moderators have the video editing options where they can cut the video to optimize its length, or leave out the stumbling, and so on.

          A person can choose to answer specific questions provided by the service  if they are not sure what to talk about. Or, they can just record themselves talking, so this will be their video profile.

          It is a nice way to let people watch someone's body language and facial expressions, and hear their voice, so they get a better idea of what to expect during the first date. Mimics and general movements can tell a lot about a person.

          Advantages of the service

          - Singles can see each other in moving fashion, almost live.

          - They can hear each other's voice and decide immediately if they like it or not.

          - Videos are more fun than simple text or even photos.

          - Added bonus is user verification, making sure that they really resemble their own photos, and that the info is recent.

          How is this going to work?

          There is a big record button in the user profile, and people can record themselves via a web camera if they use the desktop version of the site, or with their phone camera if they are in the mobile app version.

          During the recording, people can choose from a ready list of questions to answer. It is up to the service owner to make sure that the questions are nice and open, so that people have ideas of what to say in case they are not so talkative or just shy or not used to being recorded on video.

          First comes the recording, then preview, then sending the file away for moderator to approve.

          A useful option would be to restrict the range of people who will be able to view the video. For example, if you are a man, you only allow women aged (your preferred age range) to see your video, and not the other men. And vice versa.

          Apart from the video profile, a person has a short bio where personal information is stored, such as their avatar picture, name, birthday, profession, hobbies, a short text intro, and the preferred partner age and gender.

          Administrator interface

          Admin interface contains the list of all video profiles each assigned and connected to a certain user profile. The moderators can edit or delete any video at any time, or they can come into direct contact with the service member if she or he has questions or maybe some useful advice as to how to make the video presentation better.

          Then there is a section where admin creates questions. In case this is an international service, multiple languages support will come in handy. It is possible to add more questions, or modify the most popular questions to make them even more useful and entertaining. There is also a limit to the max video length, along with a simple video editor.

          Use case

          A person signs up with the app, proceeds to add more information about themselves (such as age and hobbies). Then s/he reviews the list of ready questions or skips it, clicks the record button and begins the recording.

          It is possible to preview the recording, and have as many attempts as the service admin allows.

          The video is then sent to moderators team for approval and editing. Once approved, video is shown in the feed or in the search results.

          If one likes a video, s/he can proceed to view this person's profile, read the bio, and connect by sending a message.

          We will be glad to hear your thoughts, comments and improvement ideas.

          Ordinary license

          You receive a single copy of the software product that can be used on one server with one database and an unlimited number of domain names.

          You may use the open code of the software product for personal purposes only: for making modifications in the software product or adding necessary functions. Selling, licensing, giving away or otherwise distributing the open code of the software product in full or its scripts (parts) is prohibited.

          Commercial license

          You receive the open code of the software product and can use it for personal as well as for commercial purposes. You can sell or otherwise distribute the source code and the software product under your own brand. We keep the right to sell the product in our marketplace under our brand.

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